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When you make the decision to sell your house, you have a lot of things you’ll need to do to get ready. First and foremost is deciding when you want to put your home on the market. In some cases, this might be a few weeks after you make the decision. In others, you’ll be able to wait until the time is right. Believe it or not, waiting for the right time to join the list of homes for sale in Parker, Colorado can make a huge difference in how quickly you find a qualified buyer. Most years, this means waiting until spring rolls around. Here’s why selling in the spring works best for most sellers.

1. More People Are Looking

Statistically, fewer people look for homes for sale in Parker, Colorado during the winter months. No one wants to drive around the city on icy roads or try to picture what a house will be like when the weather is better. Worse, their kids are still in school and the thought of moving when they’re busy with homework and extracurricular activities isn’t appealing.

When spring is in full swing, more people will start to think about finding a new home. Their move-in date will be closer to summer when the weather is pleasant and the kids won’t have to deal with a disruption in their daily routine during the school year. They’ll also feel more comfortable driving to unfamiliar neighborhoods and touring new properties, increasing the number of showings and successful open houses you’ll be able to have.

The more people looking at your property, the more offers you’ll receive for the house, giving you more freedom to find a truly qualified buyer.

2. Homes Tend to Sell Faster

The people viewing homes for sale in Parker, Colorado during the spring months are ready to buy. They’re not just looking at homes for fun or as a way to test the waters and see what’s available in the area. They know they need to move and they need to find a house to do just that.

This works in your favor. Instead of having to wait for months on end to sell your house, you’ll likely be able to sell your home quickly. The faster your home sells, the faster you can move into your new home that better fits your needs.

3. Your Landscaping Is Blooming Again

It’s easier to sell your home when the exterior looks pristine. In the winter months, there’s nothing you can do to bring your landscaping back to life. You just have to wait until spring rolls around and for the weather to warm up.

When you join the lists of homes for sale in Parker, Colorado in spring, your landscaping will be starting to bloom. This means people touring your house will be greeted by vibrant colors and any new flowers you choose to add to your garden beds will be able to thrive just in time for showings. The better your curb appeal is, the more prospective buyers will be interested in touring your property in the first place.

4. You’ll Likely Get More for the House

The more buyers out there looking for homes for sale in Parker, Colorado, the more competition there will be for your house. This is tough news for buyers, but it’s great news for you. It means you’ll be able to get a higher asking price than you otherwise would. The people who fall in love with your property will often pay more than your minimum asking price just to hedge out other interested buyers. It may not be a huge increase, but every penny helps.

5. It Helps Highlight What Parker Has to Offer

During the winter months, people tend to stay indoors, keeping activities and events less noticeable in the area. That’s not to say they don’t happen—they’re just hard for prospective buyers to notice and find when they’re driving around the neighborhood. With many people moving to Parker with young children, this makes the area seem less up-and-coming and less fun.

Spring means warmer temps and that means there are more activities happening in the area every week. This makes the neighborhood feel more vibrant and welcoming, especially to people moving to town for the first time. When buyers see all the fun activities they can participate in during the spring, they’ll view the neighborhood and the homes for sale in Parker, Colorado more favorably. The end result is a faster sale for you!

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