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University Real Estate

Named after its main attraction, the University of Denver, University real estate is a combination of  “college town” meets “progressive urban living”. Because of the nearby university, the neighborhood is full of various renting options along with a deep reserve of houses on the south side of campus for those hoping to find a permanent address.

The University neighborhood is also very accessible for both residents and visitors. The average commute is 15 minutes to downtown by car and 20 minutes by light rail, however, if residents feel so inclined, they could easily bike all the way to their downtown destination.

Experience the Active, Vibrant Atmosphere of University
Despite what you may have heard about living near college campuses, none of those stereotypes apply to University real estate. While there are various coffee shops and dive bars that cater to local students, the general atmosphere of this quaint neighborhood perfectly serves families and twenty-somethings alike.

If you were to scour the local scene for dining options, you would find plenty of flavorful spots. Fun fact: The first ever Chipotle restaurant sits on the main thoroughfare, Evans Avenue. But this is just a small glimpse into the neighborhood Culinary scene. Another unique, foodie spot is Lucile’s Creole Cafe. Here, you can indulge in authentic Creole cuisine.

What do city-dwellers and college students share a common love of? Coffee. There are cafes galore around University real estate. And thanks to their communal atmosphere, you’re always bound to run into some new and friendly faces. These local spots also serve as great meeting spots for parents within the community.

Parents will also be pleased to hear that, even though the University of Denver dominates the area, the convenient location of this private institution is a wonderful source of inspiration for children. With many of the college professors taking up residence here, the neighborhood is full of well-educated individuals.

If you’re looking to explore beyond the local scene in favor of some outdoor fun, head west to Harvard Gulch West Park. Even outside University real estate, the educational theme persists. This park contains a park & recreation center with grassy areas, trails, a swimming pool, athletic fields, a gym, and even a small golf course.

Students and families alike can head to the park to catch a break from the neighborhood and enjoy an afternoon in nature. And if you want to take a day trip to the other sprawling, urban neighborhoods within the area, the light rail station is your best bet for exploring the Mile-High City.

Find Your New Home in University
Whether you’re a student, a young professional, or a happy city-dweller, the quiet streets of University real estate are a great place to find a home. If the uniqueness of this college town appeals to you, contact our agents at the Aceto Team to find your ideal residence in the University area.

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