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If you’re thinking about buying a home in Denver, open houses can be a great place to start. Homes in the Denver metro range widely in both size and appearance. Checking out some of the houses for sale in different neighborhoods gives you the chance to explore various locations, find out what features you like and don’t like in a home, and get a feel for the housing market in general.

And, if you’re a first-time buyer, the experience can teach you a lot about the negotiation process of buying a home. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of strategy and planning that goes into successfully negotiating the price of house. Visiting some of the homes for sale in your area gives you the chance to start practicing what to do and say. That way, when the time comes to make an offer for your dream home, you know how to seal the deal and get the price you want.

Here are some tips that can help first-time buyers in Denver navigate the open house scene.

Where to Find Open House Listings

When searching for open house listings, it’s a good idea to check out a variety of sources. Not all homes are going to be listed on the same websites or social media pages or advertised in local newspapers. Looking at a variety of sources gives you a better chance of finding a home that you might want to visit. Here are a few places you can look:

  • Online Searches: Doing a quick search online will give you access to tons of different websites that list homes for sale in your area.
  • Social Media: Social media pages are also a great place to look for open houses because you get to see tons of pictures. Try following some social accounts belonging to real estate companies in your area. Or search for tags like #denveropenhouse on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.
  • Through a Real Estate Agent: Working with a real estate agent is a great way to stay up to date on homes being sold in your area. An agent will help you find homes that fit your criteria and may even give you new ideas for places to look that you had not considered.
  • Home Buying Apps: Apps like Trulia, Zillow, and Redfin make it easy to search in Denver for an open house using your cell phone. That way, if you’re ever out to eat or cruising through a new neighborhood that you might be interested, you can search for homes for sale right then and there.
  • In an Actual Neighborhood: Different neighborhoods have access to different amenities like good schools, nearby shopping, or things to do. If there’s a neighborhood that appeals to your tastes, you might want to consider just taking a drive around to see if there are any signs for open houses. This gives you the chance to see the home in person right away, without having to rely on photographs.

Do You Need a Realtor to Visit an Open House?

You do not need a realtor to visit an open house. Anyone who is interested can attend. However, having a realtor along can be useful, especially if you’ve never been to one of these events before. Having someone who’s experienced in the home buying process come along with you can help you feel more confident and comfortable. Furthermore, a realtor knows what questions to ask and may help you think of things that you wouldn’t otherwise consider.

Tips for Visiting an Open House

Once you’ve looked around in Denver and found an open house event that you’re interested in, it’s time to prepare for your visit. Here are some tips that can help you have a successful first experience:

1. Know the etiquette. Before you show up, you may want to acquaint yourself with the proper etiquette for visiting an open house. No one wants to be remembered as that couple with bad manners. Knowing what to wear and when to show up can help you feel confident and make your shopping experience more enjoyable.

2. Ask questions about the home. It’s okay to ask questions about the home and the neighborhood. That’s what agents are there for. So long as you aren’t being overbearing or rude, feel free to ask whatever questions are on your mind.

3. Don’t voice your opinion in front of the agent. Buyers in Denver visiting an open house should be wary of sharing their opinion in front of an agent. Doing so can limit your negotiating power, which is important for getting a home for the price you want.

4. Take a listing sheet. Most agents put out listing sheets or brochures when they’re showing a home. These are there for you to take. Even if you’re not super interested in the home, they can be a great reference to have on hand as you continue your search.

5. Don’t overshare the details of your move. It’s important not to share too much about personal details of your move, like whether you’re working with a specific budget or a tight timeline. This gives you more control during the negotiation process.

6. Relax and have fun. Buying a home can be stressful, but it’s important not to let the stress take over the excitement. Think of the process as an adventure. Soon, you and your family will be enjoying each other’s company in a beautiful new place to live.

If you’re looking to buy in Denver, open houses are a great place to start. And once you’ve visited your first one, you’ll feel much more confident about the next. The process of buying a home is a lot like buying a car. It takes practice to get good at it. The more open houses you visit, the better your chances are of finding a home and a price you love.

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