Buying a Home in Denver CO

Buying a Home Denver

Considering a buying a home in Denver CO or acquisition of an investment property in the Denver Metro area? The first thing to do is to create a relationship with a Real Estate Professional or REALTOR® that you trust. Your decision to hire a Real Estate advisor should be based on both their competence and character. Meet with a Real Estate Agent to discuss the process, their experience, education, ethics and interest in working hard for you.

The Paul Aceto Team will present the entire Real Estate process to you including discussions and advisement of the following:

  • Identification of your interests including price, location, size, style, amenities, condition etc.
  • Obtaining pre-approval for financing if applicable, searching for homes and further evaluating your interests which can sometimes change throughout the process.
  • Viewing homes and evaluating the condition, pros and cons of each property as we view them.
  • Paul applies his extensive knowledge of home construction during the viewing of each home.
  • Choosing a home to pursue.
  • Understanding all documents including contracts and disclosures.
  • Paul will prepare a detailed market analysis so that you can be confident in the home’s value for the sake of negotiations, appraisal and overall confidence in the purchase.
  • Offer presentation, negotiations and mutual agreement between you and Seller.
  • Understanding the steps associated with the due diligence during the Real Estate transaction.
  • Negotiating inspection objections.
  • The appraisal.
  • Final pre-closing walk through.
  • Bringing the transaction to closing by facilitating all of the many documents, signatures and correspondence with all parties.
  • Paul will maintain a very high level of communication and professionalism with you throughout the entire transaction so that you are informed and comfortable every step of the way.